Collage of Pam Wright's mother

Pam Wright - My Mom, My Hero

Halifax NS

My mom was diagnosed with CLL in March of 2006. I lived in NL at the time and felt so helpless. I moved back to NS in 2007 and in 2011 Light The Night came to my fair province.

When my office held a lunch and learn session about the Light The Night walk, I immediately jumped on board and have been involved ever since, in various capacities.

My mother was comforted by the fact that I had the LLSC family around me while we faced her illness together. They provided me with so much guidance, help and hope and allowed me to feel like I was doing something for the cause.

Being involved with LLSC, has given me connections with so many very special people and has educated me on what we are doing to eradicate blood cancers.

Sadly my mother and some dear friends of mine have lost their battles over the past several years but had they received their diagnoses in the past, they wouldn't have survived as long as they did and I wouldn't have had the pleasure of knowing them for as long as I did.

We must continue to fight to extend and save lives and it all starts with walks like this. We need LLSC's support and they need ours. Helping each other to reach the common goal, to find a cure for blood cancers...that's what it is all about.

Although I miss my mom every single day, her memory lives on and her strength is a shining example how we should live our lives in the face of this horrible illness.